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GCC 4.5 Status Report (2009-07-29)


Trunk is in Stage 1.  We expect that Stage 1 will last through at
least the end of August.

Pending large merges include at least Graphite, LTO and VTA and these
will be considered in deciding when to move to Stage 3.  All these
merges will need the usual technical review of patches where not
already approved by maintainers of the relevant parts of the compiler.

The pending Graphite merge was expected to be ready "mid-to-late July"
and was stated in <> to
continue using the same cloog-ppl version as GCC 4.4.

Some VTA patches have been posted and a roadmap for merging that
branch is in <>.

Plans for making LTO ready to merge and providing evidence from test
results that it is ready to merge were posted and discussed at

People seeking to have other non-bug-fix patches included in 4.5
should aim to post them in time to be reviewed before the end of Stage 1.
Features not included by then are likely to be delayed to 4.6 unless
the relevant maintainers consider them low enough risk to include in
4.5 (e.g. new ports not requiring changes to target-independent parts
of the compiler).

Quality Data

Priority	  #	Change from Last Report
--------	---	-----------------------
P1		 16     +  2
P2		 97	+  4
P3		  4	- 12
--------	---	-----------------------
Total		117	-  6

Previous Report

The next report for 4.5.0 will be sent by Mark.

Joseph S. Myers

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