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removing -Wtraditional-conversion

GCC 4.5 will remove protoize and unprotoize. I wonder whether we
should also remove -Wtraditional-conversion and their associated
warnings and testcases.

@item -Wtraditional-conversion @r{(C and Objective-C only)}
@opindex Wtraditional-conversion
@opindex Wno-traditional-conversion
Warn if a prototype causes a type conversion that is different from what
would happen to the same argument in the absence of a prototype.  This
includes conversions of fixed point to floating and vice versa, and
conversions changing the width or signedness of a fixed point argument
except when the same as the default promotion.

and from

Using unprotoize can easily introduce bugs. If the program relied on
prototypes to bring about conversion of arguments, these conversions
will not take place in the program without prototypes. One case in
which you can be sure unprotoize is safe is when you are removing
prototypes that were made with protoize; if the program worked before
without any prototypes, it will work again without them.

You can find all the places where this problem might occur by
compiling the program with the -Wtraditional-conversion option. It
prints a warning whenever an argument is converted."

However, this page does not exist anymore on trunk, so I wonder what
is the possible use of -Wtraditional-conversion now.



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