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Re: Can I have some basic BZ perms please?

Richard Guenther wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 7:29 PM, Dave
> Korn<> wrote:
>>    Hi team,
>>  I'd like to have some basic BZ perms if I may, so I can help out with
>> cygwin/win32-related PRs.  I'd like to be able to assign bugs to myself (at
>> least ones that I created myself, depending how fine-grained it is), and
>> perhaps be allowed to change status on other bugs too (I occasionally run into
>> already fixed bugs, or bugs waiting for confirmation that I can confirm).  Is
>> there a policy?  I'm only a WAA contributor, not a maintainer, but I think I
>> can generally be trusted to know what I'm doing :)
> Permissions are automatically granted to people with a
> login (thus if you have write-after approval SVN access).  Just register
> a new bugzilla user with that e-mail address.

  Ah, I didn't know that.  I bet the perms are only generated during account
creation and not if I update my existing email address....

  Thanks for the info, Rich and Kai.  My gcc addy forwards to my gmail anyway
so I'll just do as you suggest.


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