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Re: RFA: libjava seems to miss some files for win32

Kai Tietz wrote:

> Yes, I agree to this as I said in the patch post. Can we assume that
> any win32 target has a working wincrypt.h file?

  Hmmm... it is supported since win2k.  I imagine DGJPP runs on 9x targets,
and believe it or not there are still some Cygwin users on NT4.  I would think
it needs an autoconf test, and on platforms that don't support CryptoAPI it
should probably throw an exception to indicate 'not implemented' rather than
(e.g.) fall back to rand(), but that's a policy decision for the Java
maintainers really.

> I just suggested this patch, to have at least an implementation here
> for win32 for further improvement (Btw I missed in my initial patch to
> include explicit <stdlib.h> here, too).
> I am just running through libjava for an initial port for x64 windows.
> There are a lot of assumptions about sizeof (long) == sizeof (void*),
> but the worse thing I see is the casting of HANDLE values to jint. For
> x86 this is fine, but for x64 this can lead to serious troubles.

  Ouch, yes!  You'll probably be best off replacing those with something based
on uintptr_t, which may or may not have a j* equivalent already.


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