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Re: can_throw_internal affected by inlining?

On 07/11/2009 05:59 AM, Jan Hubicka wrote:

Do you have test cases for this?

Changing can_throw_internal/external to depend on whether or not future
inlining is possible looks *very* wrong to me.  Surely the only thing
that matters for new code that might appear "below" this position in the
tree is whether or not it might throw, and the only thing that changes
with inlining is increased knowledge of whether and how it throws.

The problem here is fact that MUST_NOT_THROW region reachable only via runtime is handled completely via runtime, however MUST_NOT_THROW region reachable via RESX is eventually going to be handled by direct std::terminate call, since RESX will eventually get translated as direct goto to the MIST_NOT_THROW reciever.

I'm committing the following test case that displays the bug. It does in fact pass with mainline, and does in fact fail with gcc 4.4.0.

I spent two days trying to come up with some cleaner way to fix this bug than the inlinable flag you pass around, but to no avail. The only thing better I could think of is some global flag (or state variable) that indicates whether or not inlining is complete. At least then we would not have to pass around that flag. But I wouldn't want to introduce yet another boolean state variable; I'd much prefer all of the existing state variables we have be consolidated, and I can't justify spending the time on that just now.

Well, we can either teach inlinable_call_p to handle your new indirect
calls as "for sure uninlinable"

This is the approach I'll take. I've already hacked on an extra bit in the gimple call subcode to indicate whether an indirect call is nothrow; I might as well add another bit to say an indirect call is noinline.


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