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Re: How could I get alias set information from data_reference_p

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 8:01 AM, Li Feng<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm now working on Graphite branch and need to know
> the alias set information for each data_reference_p, which
> would be an integer (or alias_set_type) stands for which
> alias set it is in.
> I tried to get the alias set information with get_alias_set (tree)
> (I've no idea how this function works, just a experimental
> trying), for my testcase, it returns 2 for all the
> data_reference_p->ref, which I think is unreasonable.
> So I think I may go wrong somewhere.
> The question will be: how could I get it's relevant
> alias set information from data_reference_p?
> p.s. :
> In Graphite, the data reference was built for each
> gimple stmt with:
> get_references_in_stmt (stmt, &references);
> then for each ref in references, data reference is created with:
> dr = create_data_ref (nest, *ref->pos, stmt, ref->is_read);

get_alias_set (dr->ref) is the correct thing.  Why do you think it
is unreasonable to return 2 for all of them?  Why do you need
alias-set information anyway?


> Thanks,
> Li

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