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Re: gtyp-input.list should contain absolute paths.

Andreas Schwab wrote:
Basile STARYNKEVITCH <> writes:

Andreas Schwab wrote:
Perhaps gengtype should be modified to always treat the files in
gtyp-input.list relative to location of that file.
I probably misunderstood your sentence. I parsed "that file" as referring to gengtype, but you perhaps meant to refer to gtype-input.list

I still don't understand what patch to gengtype are you precisely thinking of.

If we did that, we could not run gengtype in plugin mode as easily as
[Makefile syntax inside our plugin tree]

$(GCCBUILD)/gcc/build/gengtype -p $(GCCSOURCE)/gcc $(GCCBUILD)/gcc/gtype-input.list plugin.c

because then the plugin.c would be expected to be inside the
$(GCCBUILD)/gcc or $(GCCBUILD)/gcc/build/ directory, which it is not.

It wouldn't. Any additional file specified on the command line would
still be found relative to the current directory.

[my misunderstanding about "that file"]


PS BTW we also need gengtype to output gtype-desc.h in plugin mode.

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