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Re: Register Pressure in Instruction Level Parallelism

Jeff Law wrote:
Vladimir Makarov wrote:
Dave Korn wrote:
In a brief exchange I had with Michael off-list, we discussed that. I
observed that of the things that reload does,
constraint-satisfaction/insn-variant-selection is its primary purpose, and
spill/reload code generation is something it often does suboptimally (and
secondary reloads even worse). If a clever pass running before reload could
insert explicit spill/reload code at well-chosen places (bearing in mind
class-based register pressure), it could relieve reload of the necessity to
generate its own spill code most of the time, and let it just do what it does
IRA actually already inserts spill code in most important places (on loop borders). Besides loop regions, IRA could be extended to other regions (and even bb parts to relief pressure inside the blocks). I am going to work on it to evaluate how much it could give.
I've already got some code to do this -- I've pondered more than once pushing it through independently of the other allocation/reload work I'm doing. I could probably be convinced to put the block local allocation/spilling on hold to focus on benchmarking and tuning my bits to generate spill code.

That is great. I look forward to see the code.

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