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Re: [fortran] Different FUNC_DECLS with the same DECL_NAME - MAIN__ and named PROGRAM main functions [was Re: gcc-4.5-20090528 is now available]

Dave Korn wrote:
> Tobias Burnus wrote:

>> I agree that for "main" the call to "__main()" should happend and thus
>> expand_main_function should be called. I'm not sure in about the exact
>> assumptions of the middle end. In principle, it would be OK if the
>> MAIN__ function would show up as MAIN__ in gimple/-fdump-tree-original.
>> The only potential inconvenience I see, is the mentioned reference to
>> MAIN__ instead of <program name> in middle-end warnings, which can
>> confuse users.
>   Wouldn't the simplest thing be to rename the other main function - the
> initialisation one that is automatically generated by create_main_function()?
>  It could be called anything different we liked, and it's not user-visible, so
> it ought to not be a problem to rename?

  Argh, no.  Cygwin crt0 for one expects the entrypoint function to be called
_main in any language.  Hmmm.


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