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Re: gcc 4.4.0 on Solaris 10 Sparc, some tests failed.

Amitava Dutta <> writes:

> You mentioned that the "make -k # check" is broken on Solaris.

You mean -j, not -k.  There is no problem with -k.

> I built the compiler using the -k option, is that a concern?
> or is it just the "check" target is broken?
> IOW, should I build the compiler without the "-k" option?

It's just the testsuite, which is relying on some GNU specific behaviour
of awk.  There is no problem using make -j (or -k) when building the

> At this point, should I do the next build using the recently
> built gcc 4.4.0? 

If you do a normal bootstrap, which is what happens if you follow the
installation instructions, then it doesn't matter very much which
compiler you start with.

> btw, is there a quick tutorial on running the tests against
> an arbitrary compiler, that's installed on a given machine ?  

Unfortunately I don't know of one.  I believe you can do it by fiddling
with the site.exp file which is generated when you run "make check".
Note that it's not very useful to run the testsuite of one version of
gcc against another version of gcc, as a number of irrelevant changes
will cause testsuite failures--different warning messages and the like.


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