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plugins callbacks and data

Hello All

In the current plugin API, the function register_callback is used to register callback routines (eg PLUGIN_FINISH_UNIT) in which case the callback is expected to be a routine. But this same function register_callback is used also to register some data to plugins, without any call back functions, eg for PLUGIN_PASS_MANAGER_SETUP.

Perhaps we could have two different functions:

1. register_callback like before for true callbacks


2. register_data for registering data, like for PLUGIN_PASS_MANAGER_SETUP or PLUGIN_INFO, declared as
void register_data (const char *plugin_name,
enum plugin_event event,,
void* user_data);

What do you think?

BTW, tjhe current gcc/doc/plugins.texi don't mention PLUGIN_INFO, unless I am mistaken. And the enum plugin_event
there is not the same as in gcc-plugins.h


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