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RE: cond-optab merge delay? [was Re: GCC 4.5.0 Status Report (2009-05-05)]

> -----Original Message-----
> From: [] On Behalf Of
> Paolo Bonzini
> Sent: 07 May 2009 14:53
> To:
> Cc:; Ramana Radhakrishnan; Richard Earnshaw
> Subject: cond-optab merge delay? [was Re: GCC 4.5.0 Status Report
> (2009-05-05)]
> > The slush that I requested last week has been lifted.  However, I
> have
> > asked for relative calm until the cond-optab branch has been merged
> to
> > mainline, which will hopefully occur on Friday, May 8th.
> cond-optab branch was bootstrapped on arm-linux among other targets, so
> the merge should not introduce any new problem.  Still, because the ARM
> crash has not been solved yet, I will perform the merge either on
> Friday
> 8th *afternoon* or on Tuesday 12th *morning* (always European time).
> I'll go for Tuesday unless I get a "go" from either Richard Earnshaw
> (ARM maintainer and global reviewer) or Ramana Radhakrishnan (who's
> taking care of bootstrapping the ARM-fixing patch).

The patch thanks to Michael got arm-linux-gnueabi bootstrapping again. The
tests are still running and I don't notice anything untoward with atleast
the ARM tests. It's now cycling on to the thumb tests.

> Paolo

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