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Re: Multilib for ARM in thumb2 mode

* Alexandre Pereira Nunes <> [2009-05-08 11:24:14 -0300]

| > Don't you already get this if you created a toolchain with
| > --with-arch=armv7-m and the multilib for thumb ? A toolchain configured for
| > --with-arch=armv7-m and the multilib for thumb would automatically cover
| > this configuration. By default we compile for armv4t and why should one
| > have
| > an additional multi-lib for thumb2 in such a case ?
| And how would someone generate code for an armv4t, or v5, or even v6, with
| thumb1, and other scenarios, using a toolchain built the way you suggest?
| Samuel's idea seems to increase the multilib range to cover most arm
| configurations, and not to generate a build restricted to lesser
| configurations. To cope with your idea and still get the other cases, one
| would have to tweak the multilib configuration anyway, so Samuel's idea
| seems the way to go from the start.

Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking: cover more configurations. For
example, in the engineering school where I teach, we have many ARM boards
with different CPUs, and we would really like to have a single cross-compiler
that our students can use or install on their own machines.


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