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Re: Using MPC Library with GCC

On Tue, 28 Apr 2009, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:

> From: "Mark Mitchell" <>
> > That is not a decision, however, on whether using MPC is or is not a
> > good idea.  There have been objections raised to MPC, on the grounds
> > that it may not build on all host systems, or that the costs it brings
> > in terms of complexity of building GCC outweigh its benefits.  We should
> > reach consensus on those issues before making a decision about whether
> > to depend upon it.
> Thanks Mark.  Although I personally felt that the GPLv3-compatible license
> terms were sufficient from a legal and policy perspective, it's good to
> clarify this officially for future circumstances as well as retroactively
> for the libraries we already depend on.  Also I agree that the remainder of
> the discussion (i.e. whether it's a "good idea" in this particular case)
> should be conducted in the public forum and that's what I asked for in my
> proposal to the SC.
> So to address the remaining concerns, ...

I didn't hear back from anyone opposing (or supporting!) MPC.  Does that
mean it's no longer controversial?  Hopefully I've addressed the
outstanding issues raised.


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