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request for legal forms for copyright assignment


I am an employee of Intel Corp. who will be making future contributions to gcc, binutils, gdb and glibc. I am writing to request copyright assignment forms, and other legal forms that are deemed necessary by FSF, which will enable me to contribute to gcc, binutils, gdb and glibc.

Thanks and best regards,

Melanie Blower
(p.s. I'm resending this because the first message was sent in html, sorry if you received a duplicate request)  BTW I have 2 colleagues in the same position of needing assignment forms from FSF.  Do you prefer to hear from them directly or may I pass along the forms to them after I receive from you?


The FSF prefers that a contributor files a copyright assignment for large contributions. See some documentation by the FSF for details and contact us (either via the list or the GCC maintainer that is taking care of your contributions) to obtain the relevant forms. The most common forms are an assignment for a specific change, an assignment for all future changes, and an employer disclaimer, if an employer or school owns work created by the developer. It's a good idea to send a copy of your request.

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