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GCC Compile Farm News: 12 architectures now available


Thanks to many donors of both hosting and machines the architecture
coverage of the GCC Compile Farm has been greatly expanded
in the recent monthes:
Architectures currently available: 

      * i686 
      * x86_64, including three bi-quad core with 16 GB of RAM 
      * armv5tel 
      * powerpc 
      * powerpc64 
      * sparc 
      * sparc64 (sparcv9) 
      * alpha 
      * mipsel 
      * mips64el 
      * ia64 (Merced, Madison) 
      * hppa 

We are always looking for hardware donation or commercial discount for
new or existing architectures, if you have suggestions or vendor
contacts feel free to contact me directly.

I believe currently all architectures with machines able to host a GCC
bootstrap are now represented, may be the next steps will be on
embedded boards but I've no buyer experience in this area
so suggestions are welcomed (sh, cris, avr, m68k, other?).

Procedure to apply for an account on the GCC Compile Farm is available
in the page above.

Feel free to pass the word to other free software projects as well,
there are currently 85 accounts on the farm.



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