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Re: Question: How can I upload my work?

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 11:35:18PM +0900, zio wrote:
> Dear GCC developers:
> Hi, My name is Jiho Chu. I had ported ZARAM compact DSP16(
> architecture to the GCC 3.4.5.
> I added some machine description files, and modified several source codes in
> gcc/ folder.
> I think that these modifications are not exactly same with previous coding
> style, but it works well.
> My question is this: Can I upload my works to the GCC mirrors?

Sorry, but no.  But it might be possible to get your work in shape to be
included in GCC.

> If I can, what should I do?
> If I cannot, what is problem?

The GCC project can only distribute code that has been legally contributed
to the Free Software Foundation, that passes technical review, and that
has been merged with the current development mainline so that it can be
maintained for the future.

Several things would need to happen:
1) legal papers, in which you contribute your code to the FSF and your
employer agrees to this.  If you're interested, someone will get you
the appropriate documents.

2) your new back end is ported to work with the main trunk of GCC
development, for what will eventually become 4.4 (3.4.5 is outdated).  It
also needs to meet the coding standard.  You'd be able to get plenty of
help from people on this list if you take such a project on.

3) A developer with global write permission approves your port.

4) The Steering Committee agrees to accept your port.  (Their main
question would be whether you or someone else will be willing to
maintain your port on an ongoing basis).

If you're not in a position to do all this work, and I know that this is a
lot to ask, there are a number of sites that would be willing to host your
existing code for distribution.  But it can't go on the GCC mirrors,
that's only for the official GCC.

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