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Re: GSOC Student application

On Sat, 29 Mar 2008 12:39:13 +0600, "Alexey Salmin"
<> wrote:
> Hello, here's my application. Please, leave your comments as I still
> have two days to fix it if something is wrong :)
> Project
> I want to make some improvements in the Lexer/cpplib area:
> 1) Change the way of file handling
>   -- Mmap file into memory if possible instead of allocating a buffer
> (if no character conversation is needed)
>   -- Find the boundaries of line which for conversation is needed
> instead of converting the whole buffer.
> 2) Replace all malloc/free functions with XNEW/XDELETE (XNEWVEC,
> XDELETEVEC) macro.
> 3) Some small miscellaneous changes
>   -- Improve the developer's documentation and comments
>   -- Add a ru.po file for the libcpp
> Why is it useful for GCC? (corresponding to the project items)
> 1) The compile time and, probably, memory usage will be reduced.
> 2) Hard to say anything here. I have no idea why malloc/free functions
> are still used in the code since XNEW/XDELETE are supposed to be
> there. (Or may be I'm wrong? I've asked here once about this and it
> seems that I'm right.)
> 3) A good documentation is important for understanding the source
> code. The long sequence of mails in this list called "How to
> understand the gcc source code" is demonstrative.

There are issues of Garbage Collection from libgcc or Boehms's GC
that you possibly can't use another allocators that these defaults,
unless you have control of the manager of the whole memory,
and it's too complex due to the gigant size of the project.

> Why should I do this?
> 1. My knowledge in C programming language is very good.
> 2. I have some expirience in tokenization.
> 3. I want to join the GCC development process independently of GSOC, I
> will continue my work and supply my code after the end of the summer
> of code.
> 4. I have some expirience writing with the C++ language. May be it's
> not enough to develop big projects with it but it's definite enough to
> lex it :)
> 5. Finally I have a "Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools"
> book written by Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi, and Jeffrey D. Ullman. I'm
> joking of course :)

You must know that before optimizing anything, you must profile the
whole code (-pg, gprof, ...) and study the beautiful formula of
"Amdahl's Law" for sequential machines in some books.

Studied this law, you can optimize better than your previous knowledge.

> Biography
> I'm 18 years old student learning in Novosibirsk State University,
> Russia. I've been working with linux for 4 years, I enjoy writing C
> code and I always wanted to join some really great project like GCC.
> PS Where am I supposed to send this mail? I've seen no special address
> for GSOC applications so I sent it here. But I've seen no other
> applications in this list so I'm confused :)

Luck U.S.S.R. boy ;)

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