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Re: [trunk] Addition to subreg section of rtl.text.

Joern Rennecke wrote:
And @code{(subreg:SI (reg:DF 10) 0)} would be a natural way to express that
you are using the floating point register as a 32 bit integer register,
with writes clobbering the entire 64 bit of the register.
Yes, this is one possible definition.  But there's no reason in this
situation why you couldn't just use a single REG.  Why use subregs at all?

Because before reload, you use pseudos. And in order for (subreg:SI (reg:DF ...) ...) to be viable, it still has to be viable between hard register allocation and alter_reg.

Is that even valid? Are there any known ports using this? AFAIR the middle-end doesn't create this (although it will use (subreg:SF (reg:DI)).

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