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Re: Obvious problem with Ada front-end patches handling

> Still no answer after two PING (December and February, for patches
> submitted in November, and there are others not mentionned here). Is
> there any Ada front-end maintainer handling patches proposals?

Yes, as can be seen by other discussions on other patches.

> Since 2007-12-19, which is the date of the latest AdaCore batch
> merge (three months ago), the Ada front end has only received the
> following patches:

Right, which is because GCC was in stage3 until recently, causing most
patches/development to be delayed.

I'm working on contributing many changes that were delayed because of
stage3, which is why your patches haven't been reviewed yet.

Once this part is done, we can evaluate where we are. Maybe some of your
changes will have already been addressed, or will need some small updates,
which is why it makes sense to wait a little bit.

Note that there are many patches that we've submitted in other parts of
GCC that also never receive any attention, so it's certainly not something
specific to Ada.

Concerning Ada, the situation is specific to the fact that stage3 (and in
particular the last few monthes in regression/fixes only) caused things to
be frozen, and we're now recovering from this state. I do not know if the
situation is similar for other patches (e.g. middle-end or back-end patches).


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