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Google Summer of Code 2008 mentors

GCC has been approved as a supported project for Google's Summer of
Code 2008.  Summer of Code is a program in which Google pays students
to work on open source projects.

Now we need people to sign up as mentors.  As in past years, I think
mentors should be restricted to people listed in the MAINTAINERS file,
which still gives us plenty to choose from.

If you are interested, please sign up at
You will need to have a account.

The benefits of being a mentor for a student are the chance to help
him or her learn about gcc and increase the number of people who work
on it.  And, of course, gcc will improve.  Plus, if you mentor a
student, you get a T-shirt.

If you sign up as a mentor, you will be able to vote on the projects
submitted to Summer of Code for gcc.  That will be helpful even if you
don't wind up acting as a mentor for any specific project.

For each approved and completed project, the student will receive
$4500, and the gcc project will receive $500.  As we did last year,
our share of the money will go to the Free Software Foundation.

That URL again:



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