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Re: Official GCC git repository

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 18:04 +0000, Andrew Haley wrote:
> It's not possible for a VCS to be "different" -- it can only be
> different from some other VCS. 

That's true. For a non-distributed VCS, the 'norm' is generally
considered to be CVS. Subversion is "different from CVS", for a limited
number of minor reasons which, although real, just don't ever seem to be
worth the pain of the difference in my experience.

>  And from that POV, git is "pointlessly different" from other VCS.

People were trying to make distributed version control systems workable
for a long time before git came along, but without much success. For
_distributed_ version control systems, many people consider git to be
the 'norm', just as CVS was for non-distributed VCS, and all the others
are "pointlessly different".

I could never understand why anyone would use anything but CVS (if that
works for them), or git. The VCS-du-jour craze just confuses me.

But I don't hack on gcc very often, and when I do I'm perfectly capable
of shadowing it into a normal version control system -- so my opinion
doesn't really matter much.


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