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Re: Could someone please check if FSF received papers for Intel engineers?

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 09:44:29 -0400, David Edelsohn wrote:
>	The engineers currently are not listed in the FSF copyrights
> assignment file.
> David

Why they've to be listed in FSF copyrights assignment file?

Intel released original x86 hardware.
AMD released original x86-64 hardware.

Intel cloned AMD's x86-64 hardware calling it x64.
AMD cloned Intel's x86 hardware doing it compatible.

The software on hardware needs the hexadecimal specification
of the hardware for the working of this pair software-hardware.
It's the ASM description of the hardware.
Otherwise, this pair won't work without knowledge of the hardware.

The problem is when it will start that the hardware company want
not to transfer its copyrights of hardware documents to software
organization because the hardware company wants to live of the
businesses of licenses and copyrightes, and of the lawyers
against any software organization who didn't dealed with it.

I don't understand how it's made the U.S. law. I'm paranoid in it.

I did read IBM suitcases in around 198x about the separation of
hardware-software. Wintel cases too.


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