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Re: [RFC] GCC caret diagnostics

On 08/03/2008, Jan Hubicka <> wrote:
>  Adding support for releasing large buffers from memory and either
>  seeking or not displaying carrets if it turns out to be important on the
>  top of the in-memory implementation seems straighforward: the line
>  location would be anyway something like file ID+offset in the file and
>  it does not matter much if the underlying mechanism is memory
>  buffer/mmap area or seek&read.

That is a good point. The underlying mechanism can be fine tuned
later. What would be the main problems to get caret diagnostics in
trunk? The most common issue is probably bad locations but I don't see
that as a major problem. On the contrary, the only reliable way to fix
this is to enable caret diagnostics, otherwise people hardly bother
with the exact location. Switching CPP to use diagnostics.c would also
be desirable but not essential either. I will submit an update
enabling caret diagnostics in CPP.

>  Implementing something like file compression seem bit expensive approach
>  for me.  Lexing+parsing is slow enough.




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