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update_path in gcc/prefix.h?

Hello all,

What is the exact intent of the update_path in gcc/prefix.[hc]?

I would guess it is related to the -B option to gcc driver executable. But I'm not sure how exactly. I don't exactly understand what it means to pass "GCC" (or "BINUTILS") as the key (2nd) argument to update_path.

in the MELT branch
I would like to reference from within the cc1 executable some directories like e.g. $(libexecsubdir)/melt-private-include/ in gcc/ parlance.

I got the vague impression that a call to update_path("melt-private-include/', "GCC") would return it, but I am really not sure.

For motivations on why I'm asking, see the wiki page, the MELT branch itself, and previous related threads like

More generally, any advices and how and where should I read files inside some middle-end code are welcome. I'm pretty sure other peoples got into similar issues, but I don't know where and how....

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