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Re: RTL definition

Hi Ramana,

>  > I have read the documentation and i didn't found where it is
>  > described, maybe I searched in wrong place.
> RTL language definition is in rtl.def and gives the different
>  operators and operands. info gccint on a standard linux distribution
>  should help you figure out details about RTL .
>  You could look at the wiki for getting started
>  There are links to a number of tutorials that talk about the RTL IR in
>  the wiki that you could take a look at.  I am not clear about what you
>  want to do with RTL so can't help you further.

I have read document and
I have got compiler information applying -fdump-rtl-all option. My
main doubt is how RTL is defined, this is, what it represents.
I suppose is something very close to assembler, because It has to
represent the operations between registers. But I don't know how RTL
is defined from IR. At the end, RTL represents a low-level
intermediate representation (language) that its internally represented
by a tree, but I find no place where is defined what can representate
a RTL tree node, etc.



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