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Seg fault in call_gmon_start

I just compiled an app with GCC. It is segmentation faulting in call_gmon_start (even before reaching main() of my program

What does call_gmon_start() do ? Which library defines this function? 

gdb) where
#0? 0x2a000750 in call_gmon_start ()
#1? 0x00000000 in ?? ()
(gdb) info

(gdb) disassemble call_gmon_start
Dump of assembler code for function call_gmon_start:
0x2a000750 <call_gmon_start+0>: str???? r10, [sp, #-4]!
0x2a000754 <call_gmon_start+4>: ldr???? r10, [pc, #32]? ; 0x2a00077c <call_gmon_start+44>
0x2a000758 <call_gmon_start+8>: ldr???? r3, [pc, #32]?? ; 0x2a000780 <call_gmon_start+48>
0x2a00075c <call_gmon_start+12>:??????? add???? r10, pc, r10
0x2a000760 <call_gmon_start+16>:??????? ldr???? r2, [r10, r3]
0x2a000764 <call_gmon_start+20>:??????? cmp???? r2, #0? ; 0x0
0x2a000768 <call_gmon_start+24>:??????? beq???? 0x2a000774 <call_gmon_start+36>
0x2a00076c <call_gmon_start+28>:??????? ldmia?? sp!, {r10}
0x2a000770 <call_gmon_start+32>:??????? b?????? 0x2a000744 <_init+100>
0x2a000774 <call_gmon_start+36>:??????? ldmia?? sp!, {r10}
0x2a000778 <call_gmon_start+40>:??????? bx????? lr
0x2a00077c <call_gmon_start+44>:??????? andeq?? r8, r0, r0, ror #9
0x2a000780 <call_gmon_start+48>:??????? andeq?? r0, r0, r12, lsr #32
End of assembler dump.

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