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Re: RELEASE BLOCKER: Linux doesn't follow x86/x86-64 ABI wrt direction flag

Chris Lattner a écrit :
>>>> Richard Guenther wrote:
>>>>> We didn't yet run into this issue and build openSUSE with 4.3 since
>>>>> more
>>>>> than
>>>>> three month.
>>>> Well, how often do you take a trap inside an overlapping memmove()?
>>> How hard is it to change the kernel signal entry path from "pushf" to
>>> "pushf;cld"?  Problem solved, no?
>> The problem is with old kernels, which by definition stay unfixed.
> My impression was that the problem occurs in GCC compiled code in the
> kernel itself, not in user space:
> 1. User space has direction flag set.
> 2. signal occurs
> 3. kernel code is entered
> 4. kernel code does string operation <boom>

Wrong. Except maybe for the Hurd kernel. For other kernels:

  4. signal handler is called
  5. signal handler does string operation <boom>

The GCC used to compile the kernel doesn't matter. Using gcc 4.3 to
compile the user code triggers the bug.

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