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Soliciting help upgrading our bugzilla install

Hi guys and gals,

Currently, runs a custom version of bugzilla 2.18.

The main differences between our version and the regular 2.18 is that
we removed some fields (operating system and something else) and added
some fields (target triples).
We've also modified the email handling code a bit.
The db field changes were done because bugzilla had no support for
custom fields at the time.
2.18 is no longer supported, so we don't get security fixes, etc.
There are also significant speed and workflow improvements in the
newer versions.
It is time to upgrade.

Nowadays, bugzilla 3.0+ has support for custom fields, and as part of
upgrading our install, we should move to eliminate our schema changes
in favor of using custom fields.
Bugzilla 3.0's codebase is significantly different, and porting the
other changes we have is not completely trivial.

I no longer have the time to do all this work on my own.

This is not really hard work, it mainly is writing small amounts of
code and a lot of debugging/testing (I usually set up a mirror install
with the gcc database on and play with the code there).
If anyone who knows perl is willing to help port our custom changes to
bugzilla to the 3.0+ codebase, or is willing to help write a converter
from our current db to the bugzilla 3.0, please let me know.


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