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GCC 4.4 schedule

As you know we have been in stage1 for about two weeks now.  Thus it
is time to present a rough schedule of GCC 4.4 and the projects we
are aware of trying to make that release.

GCC 4.4 stage1 started at Feb 18th and will end two month after that,
Apr 21st.  Stage2 will end two month after that, Jun 23th.  After
stage3 ends at Aug 18th we will go into regresion and documentation
fixes only and process with releasing after reaching zero P1 regressions.

Sofar the theory.  There are several branches thriving to merge during
the current stage1.  One of it has elected itself to be special and be
merged last, at the very end of stage1 - the tuples branch.  All other
branches are free to merge once they reach the common criteria for
branch merging.  Please announce branch merges early; the trunk will
be frozen for 24h before a scheduled branch merge to allow for merging
from trunk, bootstrapping and testing on multiple primary platforms and
finally merging the branch.

I am aware of the following merge candidates: the LTO branch, the
incremental compiler branch, the selective scheduling branch, the
YARA branch and of course the tuples branch.  Please announce those
I forgot so they have the chance of getting reviewed properly in time.

We hope you have a pleasant development during the GCC 4.4 series.


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