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Re: Possible GCC 4.3 driver regression caused by your patch

On Sun, 2 Mar 2008, Greg Schafer wrote:
> Hi Carlos and Mark,
> Your "Relocated compiler should not look in $prefix" patch here:
> appears to have caused a regression in my GCC 4.3 testing.

So *now* I know why my cross-test setup to (non-sysrooted)
cris-axis-linux-gnu have trouble finding startfiles and
pre-installed include files!  Thanks!  It seems Carlos' fix for
the testsuite, has some flaw I'll look into.  At the very least,
cutnpasting commands from the dejagnu .log files don't work;
there's some environment variable (more than just
GCC_EXEC_PREFIX, AFAICT).  And some testsuites (forgot, maybe it
was libgomp?) need to be adjusted too.

> In summary, there is a small window *during the GCC build itself* where GCC
> does not pick up the correct startfiles. For example, when GCC_FOR_TARGET is
> called to build the target libraries, the startfiles in $prefix/lib are not
> used. Instead, the startfiles from the host's /usr/lib are used which breaks
> my build. Note that the problem seems to rectify itself once the just-built
> GCC is installed into $prefix.

That's a problem.  Maybe it can be fixed by the build machinery
e.g. setting GCC_EXEC_PREFIX and friends at the time.  I don't
think gcc fallback-peeking into the base --prefix= tree (unless
specifically told) is the solution.

brgds, H-P

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