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Re: [PATCH][4.3] Deprecate -ftrapv

Robert Dewar write:
But, once again, using the processor specific JO instruction will be
much better for Ada than double length arithmetic, using JO does not
involve a "program crash with a vague exception".

*sigh* The possibility of using GCC's -ftrapv support to implement
overlow exceptions in Ada was mentioned in this thread. There's no
requirement that -ftrapv do anything other than crash when overflow
occurs. A -ftrapv that did everything you've said you wanted, performed
faster and caught 100% of overflows 100% reliabily wouldn't necessarily be
better for Ada.

Why not?

On the 32-bit IA-32 platform, either the JO instruction
or a INTO instruction could legitimately be used to provide a more
optimal implementation of -ftrapv.  Even the JO instruction could do
nothing more than jump to abort().

Yes, and that is what we would want for Ada, so I am puzzled by your sigh. All Ada needs to do is to issue a constraint_error exception, it does not need to know where the exception came from or why except in very broad detail.

Ross Ridge

there is some miscommmunication here, and I can't figure out what it is!

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