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Re: plugin includes for MELT

Hello Basile,

A mere quick portability review:

* Basile STARYNKEVITCH wrote on Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 05:39:47PM CET:
>> compile-basilys-defs:	
>> 	echo '#generated compile-basilys-defs' > $@
>> 	echo 'ALL_CFLAGS="' $(ALL_CFLAGS) '"' >> $@
>> 	echo 'ALL_CPPFLAGS="' -I$(PWD) $(ALL_CPPFLAGS) '"' >> $@

You should output to a temporary file and mv that to the target.
That avoids incomplete (yet seemingly up to date) files when the
user aborts with CTRL-\.  See other targets that do similar.

>> run-basilys.d: run-basilys.h \
>>    $(CONFIG_H) $(SYSTEM_H) $(TIMEVAR_H) $(TM_H)  $(TREE_H)  $(GGC_H)  \
>>    tree-pass.h basilys.h gt-basilys.h
>>       $(CC) -MT run-basilys-deps -MMD  $(ALL_CFLAGS) $(ALL_CPPFLAGS) $<

The build compiler may not be gcc and may not understand -MT and -MMD.

Wasn't there a proposal to use depcomp in gcc a while ago?

>> run-basilys-deps:
>> 	mkdir -p $(melt_build_include_dir); \

mkdir -p is not portable, use $(mkinstalldirs).

>> 	for f in $^ ; do \

>> 		cf=$(echo $$f | sed -q ":^$(srcdir)/config/:$(melt_build_include_dir)/config:"); \

Did you mean `echo ... ` here?  make will interpret $(echo ...) wrongly,
I think this command will do nothing.  Also, I think two spaces extra
indentation is normal in the GCC Makefile command lines.

"sed -q" is not portable, but "sed -n" is.  Also, your sed script looks
very weird.  Did you mean to use the 's' command?  If yes, you rely on
"$(srcdir)/config/" not containing any colons nor any other characters
special to sed.  You might want to use '|' as delimiter instead of ':'.

>> 		if [ -n "$$cf" ] ;  then  \
>> 			cp -va $$f $$cf ; \

"cp -va" is not portable.  You can use cp -pR.

>> 		else  \
>> 			cp -va $$f $(melt_build_include_dir)/ ; \


>> 		fi; \
>> 	done


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