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RE: plugin includes for MELT

On 27 February 2008 12:57, Basile STARYNKEVITCH wrote:

> My MELT branch [originally I called it basilys] is (currently is not but
> should) generate C code during the cc1 execution 

> The point is that every MELT generated C file is a plugin to the
> middle-end hence depends upon all the middle-end stuff notably tree.h
> and many many others.

> In its current (sad & buggy) state, MELT is not able to work without a
> GCC build and source trees 

> Practically, every MELT generated file has exactly one include directive:
>    #include "run-basilys.h"
> the gcc/run-basilys.h is in the MELT branch and of course include many
> other files eg

> So far, my thoughts about all this is:
> * some of the *.h are host- specific, but many are target- specific and
> I have hard time to understand which files exactly are host- specific
> and which one are target- specific

  Does this matter?  Any given compiler only has one combination of target and
host; are you hoping the plugins will be swappable between
differently-configured compilers?

> * some of the *.h are generated, hence in the build tree (not in the
> source dir from SVN)
> * disk space is cheap, but huge -I... include options are messy so I am
> thinking of having a single *generated* directory, e.g. in the build
> directory include/gcc-melt-plugin-$(host)--$(target) which is later
> installed in $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/gcc-melt-plugin-$(host)--$(target)/
> and which contains all the relevant *.h files needed to run-basilys.h
> (directly or indirectly included by it)

  It might be easiest to just generate a single pre-preprocessed .i file from
run-basilys.h (using -dD) as part of building the compiler, and install it to
the libexec include dir (or a 'melt/' subdir thereof, mightn't it?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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