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Re: 4.3.0-rc1 available

Hello Guillermo,

* Guillermo Ballester Valor wrote on Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 11:51:53PM CET:
> El Friday 22 February 2008 20:21:36 PaweÅ Sikora escribiÃ:
> >
> > as far i can see you're trying to build libgcj multilib (32/64-bits)
> > on x86_64 only enviroment. please try --disable-libjava-multilib option
> > with this (or equivalent) patch:
> >
> >?rev=HEAD

> it seems that to build in openSUSE x86_64 we need hacks and patches.

Well, I guess you can also globally --disable-multilib.  For that, I
don't think you need a patch.

> I patched the source
> gbv@gauss:/tmp/gcc-4.3.0-RC-20080222> patch -p1 
> libjava/ /tmp/downloads/multilib.patch
> patching file libjava/
> Hunk #1 succeeded at 82 with fuzz 2 (offset -2 lines).
> And configured with the suggested option

After the patch, you need to also regenerate the libjava/configure
script.  Do this by having Autoconf 2.59 installed (and found in $PATH),
enter the libjava source directory, and run autoconf.

> ../gcc-4.3.0-RC-20080222/configure --disable-libjava-multilib
> And again it failed in same place  :(

That's expected if the changes from libjava/ have not
propagated into libjava/configure.

I suppose a third way to fix the build would be to install a 32bit

Hope that helps.


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