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Re: GCC 4.3 branch created, 4.4 opens for stage1

On Feb 18, 2008 6:18 PM, Jakub Jelinek <> wrote:
> Hi!
> As I've mentioned last week, I've created branches/gcc-4_3-branch.
> The trunk is now 4.4 stage 1, the branch is open for regression bugfixes
> and documentation fixes only, but additionally all checkings require
> RM approval in addition to normal approval.
> Before the release candidate is cut, it would be good to fix the 4 P1
> bugs we have now:
> PR34950         - Jason/Mark, could you help with this?  It is 4.2/4.3
>                   regression, so perhaps doesn't need to hold the rc
> PR35218         - I believe the latest patch worked for the tester,
>                   so we now have a patch and just need an approval?
> PR35232         - I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a big reload patch
>                   this late
> PR35239         - Rask, do you have a patch for this?
> and:
> libjava bootstrap problem on i?86-darwin8* - can anyone who can reproduce
>                   it please try
>                   ? Can we have a bugzilla bug for it?
> ppc-linux -maltivec stuff - assuming a solution is agreed on quickly
> Anything else I'm forgetting?

I'd love to get the fix for c++/35022 into this release. It's a
regression marked as an ice-on-invalid, but slight variations on that
test show several issues with variadic templates. The patch is here:

The fix itself will only affect code when we're in C++0x mode, so it's
very low-risk. With this fix, nearly all of the non-error-recovery
issues with variadic templates will have been solved, so we'll have a
pretty solid start at C++0x out there for people to start working

  - Doug

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