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GCC frontend

Hi folks,

I've been looking at the documentation for writing a GCC front end and the
common thing I believe I'm seeing is that the GCC front ends are all run
through GCC (i.e. you're efficiently adding a new section of coding to the
GCC program through softcode).

What I wish to do is create my own front end outside of GCC and then send
the partly-processed code through the back end (i.e. an intermediate to
assembly code transformation would be done by GCC - the High language to
intermediate would be done by my program).

Now, what would be ideal for me is if I could write the generated output
into a file (I presume in RTL format, judging from what I've read) and then
sending it straight into the backend.

However, my initial research suggests that this is not possible and I will
have to define a 'dummy language' to write into GCC.

On the compiler level, I would like the split ideally to be:

My program:- Lexical analysis, Syntax Analysis, Semantic Analysis,
Intermediate Code Generation

GCC backend:- Code optimization, (Final) code generation.
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