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Release Management

The GCC Steering Committee has appointed Jakub Jelinek, Joseph Myers,
and Richard Guenther to help with GCC Release Management.

It's a big job, and I haven't had as much time for it recently as I had
in the past.  Jakub, Joseph, and Richard all have tremendous GCC
experience, and I think that having fresh perspective and additional
bandwidth will be an excellent thing.

We're going to be feeling our way a bit to see how best to divide and
share responsibility.  One immediate change: we're going to start
rotating the responsibility of writing status reports for GCC, in the
hope of getting more-frequent (hopefully weekly) reports and in the hope
that having people with difference perspectives look at the bug lists
will help to spot different trends.

Also, any of the four of us will now be free to set priorities for
defects in Bugzilla.  (That's a natural thing to do when working on a
status report.)  If there's controversy, I'll make a final decision, but
my expectation is that will be necessary very rarely.

I plan to share and delegate more responsibility as we begin to enter
the GCC 4.4 cycle.

I'm very grateful that Jakub, Joseph, and Richard all agreed to help out
in this way.  Please join me in thanking and congratulating our new co-RMs!

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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