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Re: Designs for better debug info in GCC

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

> I'm in favor of implementing this.  

Yes it would be great.

> As I'm sure you know, the GNU
> binutils 

Actually binutils only barely supports debuginfo. AFAIK
objcopy is the tool tool that knows anything about them.

> and gdb already support using a single separate file for
> debugging information.

That does not solve that problem because all that data still
has to be copied. In the current setup even two times
(.o -> exe -> objcopy to debuginfo and then another strip
which is another partial write). 

I assume that copying phase is the problem people are complaining 
about and debuginfo makes it even worse now.

> well during development for a program which is normally run on the
> same system on which it is developed.  It doesn't help much when the
> program must be run on a different system--it's possible to use
> gdbserver, but awkward.  And it doesn't help at all when it is
> sometimes necessary to debug executables which have been built and
> distributed widely.

The Linux distributions have debuginfo rpms that work
fine for that. But it does not solve the link time IO problem.


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