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RFC: New mangling for java resources.


I propose a new mangling for embedded java resource files.

Quoting from that message:

> The mangling is as follows:
> The resource name is broken into path components by '/' characters. Each
> component then has an '_' prepended and all '.' -> "$_" and '$' ->
> "$$".  The length of each component is then prepended to this and all
> are concatenated together and preceeded by "_ZGr".  "Gr" being an unused
> special-name designator that could be thought of as representing
> GNU-resource.  For example:
> "java/util/" mangles as:
> "_ZGr5_java5_util20_iso4217$_properties"
> These symbols seem to pass through the demangler unaffected (GNU nm
> 20061020 from FC6).

The java resource names differ from identifiers in languages like C,C++, and java in that there is no restriction on the position of digits in the name, really any character can appear anywhere in the name.

One other thing I didn't mention in the original message, is that all characters that are not ISALNUM() are encoded with a __U_XXXX sequence.

I am looking from feedback from mangling gurus on this.

Does this seem acceptable?

Are there changes that you would recommend?

I will prepare a demangler patch to accompany the java patch when the mangling scheme is deemed to be good.

David Daney

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