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Re: [RFC] WHOPR - A whole program optimizer framework for GCC

On 2007/12/12, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
> On 12/12/2007, J.C. Pizarro <> wrote:
> >
> > * The googlish user says
> >      "i'm using the massive googlecc compiler that uses a lot of tons
> > of libraries
> >       distributed in all the world!"
> >
> > * google shutdown => googlecc compiler doesn't work, ended history, byebye.
> Yet again you've jumped into a thread without understanding the
> subject and you've said something completely irrelevant.  Bravo!
> I suggest you shut up and read the paper before you embarrass yourself further.
> This is only a suggestion, intended to be helpful.  I respect your
> right to say anything you want and to make yourself look like a fool
> in public.  I will not prevent you from doing that.
> Jon

They are gaming or playing with the words of the language for Google.

If the world is global then
   ^^ what means "global optimizer" using the infraestructure for google? ^^.

For google:
* "whole program optimizer infrastructure for GCC" means
  "a whole program (like DoD program?) to build an optimizer infrastructure
  (physical, it that has Google but want to optimize still more it) for GCC"?

* "flexible enough to accommodate" means "like it from"?

* "an efficient implementation" means
  "an efficient construction of the infrastructure"?

* "Whole-program analysis" means "to analyze the whole program"?

* "massive memory consumption during compilation" means
  "hey, more memory? => more machines like from google!"?

* "whole-program optimization framework for GCC" doesn't mean
  "program whole-optimization framework for GCC" but,
  means it "a whole-program that optimizes the framework for GCC"?

* "Call-graph partitioning to group closely related functions" means
  "fragmenting the graph of remote calls to group closely related services"?

* "Support incremental optimization" means
  "we can support incrementaly our services of optimizing the infrastructure"?

* "impossible (or undesirable) to fit all the function bodies in memory"
  means "impossible in memory of machines but possible in disks of machines"?

* "global call-graph" means "world's graph of remote calls"?

* "global call-graph itself can always fit in memory" means
  "ohh, the world's graph of remote calls always is in memory of machines"?

* "1M nodes" means "one million of machines"?

* "1M edges" means "one million of cables"?

* "< 500 Mb of memory" means "< 500 megabits of memory for remote calls"?
* "WHOPR tries to maximize the amount of parallel and independent work to
  take advantage of clustered and multiprocessor machines" means
  "WHOPR tries to use ALL that Google has parallelly it taking its advantage
   due to its machines that Google has"?

* "local generation" means "it generated locally by each machine"?

* "global call-graph is assembled" means
  "world's graph of remote calls is assembled"?

* "global analysis process makes transformation decisions" means
  "the process that Google analyzes spying the world make decisions of how to
   transformate the world"?

* "partitioned to facilite optimization" means "fragmented to facilite the
   reduced computation of Google"? Or

* "global call-graph may be partitioned to facilitate optimization" means
  "partitioned to metropolies, cities and towns the ADSL telephonic branches
   needed by Google to facilitate its operation of this infrastructure"?

* "local transformations" means "the local police will do its action
   against e-criminals"?

* "executable" means "it's from an execution to death of the e-prisoner"?

* "Indirect call promotion" means "this promotion indirectly ehhhh?"?

* "Dead variable elimination" means "elimination variable of R.I.P.s"?

* etc.

   J.C.Pizarro i though that the Apocalypsis is near.

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