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[RFC/RFT] Improving SMS by data dependence export


Attached is the patch that allows to save dependence info obtained on tree level by data-reference analysis for usage on RTL level (for RTL memory disambiguation and dependence graph construction for modulo scheduling). It helps for RTL disambiguation on platforms without base+offset memory addressing modes, and impact on SMS is described below. We would like to see it in 4.4 mainline.

We have tested this patch with modulo scheduling on ia64, using SPEC CPU2000 benchmark suite. It allows to apply software pipelining to more loops, resulting in ~1-2% speedup (compared to SMS without exported info). The most frequent improvements are removal of cross-iteration memory dependencies, as currently SMS adds such dependencies for all pair of memory references, even in cases when they cannot alias (for example, for different arrays or different fields of a struct). As I understand, SMS does not use RTL alias analysis here because pairs that do not alias within one iteration, but may alias when cross-iteration movement is performed (like a[i] and a[i+1]), should be marked as dependent. So, SMS data dependence analysis can be greatly improved even without data-dependence export patch by using RTL-like memory disambiguation, but without pointer arithmetic analysis.

There are currently two miscompiled SPEC tests with this patch; in one of them, the problem is related to generation of register moves in the prologue of software pipelined loop (which was not pipelined without the patch). The problem is reported and discussed with Revital Eres from IBM Haifa.

We would like to ask people interested in SMS performance on PowerPC and Cell SPU to conduct tests with this patch. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Alexander Monakov

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