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Re: Bad offset to struct member in generated code

"Paul Zimmerman" <> writes:

> For the second line, gcc will reuse the same address register, and
> generate an indirect 32-bit load with an offset of -5 to fetch the
> value of 'testme.a'. But on our custom processor, the offsets of
> indirect load instructions are scaled by the size of the data item.
> So the assembly instruction generated for the second line is something
> like "ld32 %r1, %r0, -5/4", which can not be translated by the
> assembler.
> So when accessing a data structure, we need gcc to always use a base
> address that is a multiple of 4, to prevent this from happening.
> So how do I tell gcc about this limitation of our architecture? Do I do
> this somehow using the REG_MODE_OK_FOR_BASE_P or
> GO_IF_MODE_DEPENDENT_ADDRESS macros in our architecture's .h file? I am
> using the gcc 4.0.2 sources if that matters.

You need to fix this in GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS.  It may help to look
at thumb1_legitimate_address_p and thumb_legitimate_offset_p in


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