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Re: Creating gcc-newbies mailing list

Diego Novillo wrote:
[ Forgot to CC gcc@ in my initial message, thanks Andrew. ]

I would like to propose the creation a new mailing list:

The purpose of this list is to attract and help new GCC developers who
might feel lost and intimidated by the more arcane traffic at gcc and
gcc-patches.  In this list, no question regarding GCC development should
be considered offtopic nor treated with "RTFM" responses.

The idea is to give new developers a place where to hang out and ask all
those questions they feel may be too silly for the main list.  GCC has a
reputation for being a difficult environment to work in and new
developers are sometimes driven away by the terseness and/or perceived
hostility in the main lists.

The other goal of gcc-newbies is to provide a list of janitorial and
relatively simple projects that are always floating around and nobody
seems to get to.  The GCC wiki already has a list of such projects, some
of which should be a good start for anyone wanting to join.

Or maybe this is not a good idea, but I have certainly seen some folks
that complain about our less than friendly practices.

Between gcc@ and gcc-help@ I think we have it pretty much covered. I have not really seen anyone flamed on gcc@ when they ask newbie type questions related to GCC development. Also many GCC developers post responses on gcc-help that I think would be appropriate for gcc@

I don't think adding more lists will simplify the lives of either GCC developers or those trying to learn about GCC development.

My $0.02 would be to maintain the status quo.

David Daney

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