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[tuples] meaning of DECL_SAVED_TREE while analyzing cgraph

Hi Jan.

What do you expect DECL_SAVED_TREE to have in cgraph_analyze_functions:

      /* ??? It is possible to create extern inline function and later using
	 weak alias attribute to kill its body. See
	 gcc.c-torture/compile/20011119-1.c  */
      if (!DECL_SAVED_TREE (decl))
	  cgraph_reset_node (node);

      gcc_assert (!node->analyzed && node->reachable);
      gcc_assert (DECL_SAVED_TREE (decl));

It was my understanding that DECL_SAVED_TREE was to be cleared after the
tree optimizers executed, and Diego is explicitly killing it now right
after gimplification-- at the end of gimplify_function_tree:

    /* The tree body of the function is no longer needed, replace it
       with the new GIMPLE body.  */
    set_gimple_body (fndecl, seq);

I also thought that after the CFG was built, DECL_SAVED_TREE had nothing
of value left.

So, what do you expect it to have?  Can we use something in the tuple
body now, or do you are you overloading DECL_SAVED_TREE for somthing
else?  Also, the assertion of DECL_SAVED_TREE above is unecessary, since
you've already checked for a lack of it, and looped.

Please let me know.


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