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Re: RFH: GPLv3

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David Edelsohn wrote:
>>>>>> Benjamin Smedberg writes:
> Doug> It seems obvious to me that it would be easiest to just move today's
> Doug> mainline over to GPLv3, and have every GCC release >= 4.3 be GPLv3. We
> Doug> could then either cut off the GCC 4.2 branch entirely or leave it
> Doug> GPLv2. Then there are no surprises for anyone.
>>> Leaving released branches as GPLv2 is not an option.  That
>>> definitely would be the path of least surprise.
> Ben> Why is it not an option?
> 	Because the FSF says it is not an option.  The FSF holds the
> copyright and decides on the licensing.

Obviously the FSF can relicense any code they want to GPL3... that doesn't
mean that this community couldn't decide to only accept patches to the
GCC4.2 branch that are licensed under the GPL2+.

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