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Re: 2007 GCC Developers Summit

On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 11:26 -0800, Joe Buck wrote:

> > Also think about what kinds of presentations you'd like to hear and
> > encourage the appropriate people to submit proposals about those topics.
> It would be good to bring in the user perspective, for example, a
> discussion among people who are responsible for building complete
> GNU/Linux or BSD distributions with GCC.  What problems are they
> experiencing, how have things changed over time, how does the state of GCC
> look from their perspective, is there anything GCC could do that would
> make their jobs easier (yeah yeah, run 10x faster and make smaller, better
> code.  How about anything that is achievable)?  It could be an invited session.

One idea I've always pondered is to have brief (perhaps 1-2 hr)
tutorials, given by people in their area of expertise, as a means for
other developers to come up to speed on a topic that interests them.  Is
this something that appeals to others?


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