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Re: GCC-4.0.4 release status

Volker Reichelt <> writes:

| Hi,
| > There were over 250 PRs open against GCC-4.0.4.  Almost all of
| > them are "benign" in the sense that we can leave without fixing them
| > in GCC-4.0.4 -- many are already fixed in more recent versions.
| > I'm now giving attention only to those PRs marked as blocker or
| > critical.  I've identified three:
| Well, there's another serious (wrong-code) bug which should be fixed IMHO:
| PR c++/29106 is a C++ front-end issue.
| It has a one-line fix (plus comment) on the 4.1 branch.
| Well, actually one should also backport the fix for PR c++/28284 then,
| which is a two-liner.

I was primarily looking at the PRs that marked in the bugzilla
database blocker or critical.  As there were over 256 PRs open, and
the idea is to get GCC-4.0.4 out of the door as soon as possible, I'm
not trying to fix everything; just those that are critical or
blockers.  This is based on the fact that most distros have moved to
GCC-4.1.x or higher.  GCC-4.0.x has been since GCC-4.0.0 to contain
major shortcomings.

-- Gaby

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