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Re: gcc compile time support for assumptions

Andrew Haley wrote:
Ian Lance Taylor writes:
> Abramo Bagnara <> writes:
> > > I'd like to know if gcc has implemented some generic way to help
> > optimizer job by allowing programmers to specify assumptions (or
> > constraints).
> > The answer is no, there is nothing quite like you describe.
> > But I think it would be a good idea.

Something like this would greatly improve the code generation quality
of gcj.  There are a great many assertions that I could pass to VRP
and the optimizers: this is invariant, this is less than that, and so

Note that such assertions also can function as predicates to be discharged in a proof engine. See work on SPARK (

One thing to consider here is whether to implement just a simple
assume as proposed, or a complete mechanism for pre and post
assertions (in particular, allowing you to talk about old values),
then it can serve as

a) a mechanism for programming by contract
b) a mechanism for interacting with proof tools
c) a mechanism to improve generated code as suggested in this thread

all at the same time

Eiffel should be examined for inspiration on such assertions.


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