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Re: Miscompilation of remainder expressions

Gabriel Dos Reis writes:
 > On Wed, 17 Jan 2007, Andrew Haley wrote:
 > [...]
 > |  > | "To a man with a hammer, all things look like a nail."  It's very
 > |  > | tempting for us in gcc-land always to fix things in gcc, not because
 > |  > | it's technically the right place but because it's what we control
 > |  > | ourselves.
 > |  >
 > |  > well, I'm unclear what your point is here, but certainly GCC is
 > |  > at fault for generating trapping instructions.
 > |  > So, we fix the problem in GCC, not because that is what we control
 > |  > ourselves, but we we failed to generate proper code.
 > |
 > | It's not a matter of whose fault it is; trying to apportion blame
 > | makes no sense.
 > we have a communication problem here.  Nobody is trying to apportion
 > blame.  However, gcc is the tool that generates trapping instruction.
 > It is unclear why it would be the responsability of the OS or libc
 > to fix what GCC has generated in the first place.

That makes no sense either.

It's an engineering problem.  We have a widget that does the wrong
thing*.  We have several ways to make it do the right thing, only one
of which has no adverse impact on the existing users of the widget.

* (in some people's opinion)

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